the saturday

leaving aside the snow outside preventing me from going and visiting my mom, i managed to find things that make me happy today. so let's start with:
- one episode from Seinfeld series; i m not quite a fan, i like more like gossip girl, grey's anatomy, gilmore girls, but this one made me laugh
- good news from one of my fav bloggers,mazi, she became the editor in chief for the bbc good food magazine. (and yes, eveybody is crazy for cooking & blogging these days but she is absolutely lovely)
- a post with the perfect house of one of my dreams (as believe me, i dream a lot about houses): this is actually an apartment not a house, check it here
- my new lovely dior lipstick, which is kind of eye taking (hope not too much red) but i like it and it makes me feel like going out of ordinary.

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