keep up rulling the world

out of town, having a latte in a lovely garden and making some draws. the lovely moleskine is out of pages, had to find other piece of paper and keep adding colors. for some time i was able to understand my draws have no sense but kept me very much enjoyed & relaxed.
the drawing tentative is due to this lovely blog i have discovered today and it made me sooooo happy: . it is cool i realise sometimes it takes no fortune to start smiling and being happy. for me, reading this blog was just enough. today i took time to remember the draws i was doing at work in the meetings and my colleagues laughing and saying i'm a child. i still have in my cube a bunch of colored pencils i did not want to give up even if i never kept the draws and stopped doing it for no reason. after the doodle tentative i started to play with fimo, sad part is never got too much time to keep up working on it.
it is so good to try and be creative, to see if u are able to do something with your hands and bring some positive attitude to people around you. i would encourage everybody to take time and see what is the inner gift for everyone, maybe we're not all born to be artists but somehow i believe everyone has a gift.

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